BAGS of rubbish containing hypodermic needles and bottles of methadone were dumped in a Tonge Moor street where youngsters play.

Mum Nicki Ward came home from work to her home in Tonge Moor Road on Wednesday afternoon and was told about the mess in the back street by workmen.

She rang Environmental Health who put her in touch with its “sharps disposal” department, which removes discarded needles in public places, and she was told it would be removed within 24 hours.

But on Thursday afternoon Mrs Ward returned home once again to the mess, which also included rubber gloves and torn up paper.

The council said Environmental Health had no record of the call, but said the needles and bottles had now been disposed of and that the rubbish would be removed at a later date.

Mrs Ward, aged 43, said: “We have lived here for 24 years and I have never seen anything like this before.

"I have seen rubbish in the back street but nothing that could be a potential harm to children like this. It needs to be addressed.

“It all appeared on Wednesday afternoon when I came back from work at 1.30pm. I’m having work done on my house and the workmen noticed it and told me.

“I didn’t know whether it was drugs or insulin, but either way, I didn’t want anyone to pick them up or fall on them.

“The kids go up and down on their bikes and scooters — they’re only aged between six and nine so they are at that inquisitive age. People also walk up there with their dogs.”

A council spokesman said: “We sent an officer immediately to investigate and a specialist team was dispatched to remove the needles and syringes on Thursday.

"The other waste will be removed at a later date.”