DANCERS were “on point” during a graceful ballet demonstration — just one of a host of employment and training workshops which took place at a careers fair for young people.

The Backing Young Bury event saw 17 to 24-year-olds discover apprenticeships and careers in everything from horticulture to forensics.

Young people tried out hands-on simulations and met employers from across the borough during the fair at the Elizabethan Suite in Bury.

They were also given guidance on the skills and attributes employers look for.

Also present at the event was Cllr James Frith, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bury North, who attended with Mayor of Bury Cllr Sharon Briggs.

Cllr Frith said: “Evidence and history shows the longer our young people remain without opport-unity and access to work and that crucial first step on to the career ladder, the greater the problems they face.

“That is why I’m delighted to support Backing Young Bury and am working with local employers to ensure we do better for Bury’s young people.

“Labour’s jobs guarantee scheme, now extended to the long-term unemployed, raises opportunities for young people and is a clear sign Labour backs a better Bury for all.”

For more information about Backing Young Bury, call 0161 2536140.