A PRIMARY school is inviting people to join staff and children for a tree planting event.

St Mary’s CE Primary School has received 105 trees from the Woodland Trust and is looking for help in planting them on Tuesday from 1pm to 3pm.

Kate Crane, business support officer at the school in Haslingden Old Road, said: “The school applied for a tree pack, from the Woodland Trust to enhance their neighbourhood and enrich the local environment while creating new homes for wildlife.

“The trees are all native broadleaved species and will grow into a flourishing young wood in as little as 10 years.”

Headteacher Ian Holden said: “This gives us an opportunity to improve the environmental area next to the school. “In addition to the area being used by the school, it also provides a location for a forest pre-school group, Wonderful Little Things, and is used by other groups of children too. “We will be supported on the planting day by Daniel McDermott, education and training manager of Newground.”