A CARE home has been told to improve standards or face action after an inspection from the Care Quality Commission.

Inspectors from the CQC visited Nelson Manor Care Home in Barkerhouse Road last month after receiving information about the home, which can accommodate 70 residents.

The home failed to meet standards in the care and welfare of people who use the services, and in meeting nutritional needs.

In a report on the home, the CQC inspector said: “We carried out this unannounced inspection in response to concerning information about the care provided to people living on the Jubilee unit.

“We therefore focused our activities on this unit and all findings relate to this area of the home.

“Further to this, staff interviewed during the visit consistently told us the service provided on the top and ground floor was ‘well organised’ and ‘very good’.

“Whilst all people on the Jubilee unit had a detailed care plan, which provided clear instructions for staff on how to meet people's needs, we found staff were not always using the hoist to assist people who required help to move.

“By not using the hoist on every occasion people's health, safety and welfare was placed at risk of harm.

“People were provided with varied, wholesome and nutritious food, which was well presented and appetising.

“All people spoken with confirmed they enjoyed the meals. However, people living on the Jubilee unit were not always asked for their choice of meal.

“This is important so people can express their preferences and be involved in making decisions about their lives.”

The CQC has now asked the care home to send it a report this month detailing the action they will take to meet the standards.

Nobody was available for comment at Nelson Manor Care Home yesterday.