A DARWEN town councillor has aired concerns that the council has become ‘too political’.

Liberal Democrat John East, who represents Whitehall, spoke out at the council’s meeting last week.

The council’s two represented parties, Lib Dem and Labour, have so far failed to agree over heritage centre plans for the town.

And the animosity intensified when the council selected Labour councillors as mayor and deputy chairman over the nominated Liberal Democrats.

Coun East said: “Are we representing the people of Darwen or are we representing political groups?

“We need to care for our community. We lose sight, constantly, of why we are here.

“We are becoming a laughing stock.”

Labour’s Coun Frank Connor replied: “There will always be politics in this room.”

Coun Paul Browne said: “I am one of the longest running councillors in this council, and one of the shortest!

“I have always been a Liberal, and I am proud of that, but I sit here and speak for my town.”