A ONCE beloved nature trail in Blackburn has been ‘torn up’ by mini motos and quad bikes, leaving dog walkers ‘furious’.

The Arran Trail, which lies between Shadsworth estate and Haslingden Old Road in Knuzden, is being used as a track for mini motos and quad bikes and concerned residents say that it is ruining the terrain.

A Shadsworth resident said: “I’m no killjoy, and I’m not interested in spoiling anyone’s fun, but this is just ridiculous.

“I walk my dog here almost every day and on Saturday I saw two children and an adult on quad bikes, so it’s not even like it’s just kids messing around. It’s a real mess. They’ve torn up almost every path around the ponds and I’ve started avoiding walking up there because it is so bad.

“I’m furious about it and it’s a real shame because it used to be so nice here.”

The four-hectare reserve was once a beacon of pride for the residents of the Shadsworth and Knuzden alike, but recently the site has been plagued by problems.

Reports of pollution to the brook that runs through it and drug use in the area have pointed to it’s recent decline but the site has so far remained popular with dog walkers.

A spokeswoman for Lancashire Police confirmed that they were aware of the problem of mini motos that are being used on the Arran Trail and causing a nuisance to residents.

Shadsworth with Whitebirk councillor Jim Shorrock said: “I’m aware of the state of the Arran Trail and I sympathise with dog walkers because it really is getting difficult to walk round there at the moment.

“The Arran Trail problem is a long-standing issue because of pollution, anti-social behaviour and now these bikes.

“We are hoping to be able to improve the trail and get it back to where it was,” he added. “We are hoping to receive some funding to make improvements to the area, including creating proper entrances to the site, carrying out essential maintenance to paths and ensuring that grass growth is kept under control.”