STAFF at Abbeydale Vets were so impressed with the character of a cat which had been hit by a car that they decided to perform lifesaving surgery for free.

The black and white animal was brought into the veterinary surgery in Preston New Road, Blackburn after she was found at the roadside.

Although the cat was badly injured, staff said she remained friendly, loving and happy, despite obviously being in considerable pain.

Surgery staff decided to call her Grace, because of her quiet demeanour.

Vet Martin Gabbutt operated on the feline’s prolapsed eye and a broken jaw.

Leanne Lowe, clinical director at Abbeydale Vets, said: “We’ve had to completely remove her eye and then fix up her jaw with wire.

“She was in surgery for about an hour and is recovering really well.

“She is eating and managing fine and she seems bright and breezy.

“Having one eye doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

“In fact, it probably feels a lot better to her than it did when she first came in because she was in a real mess.

“Sadly, she isn’t identichipped and wasn’t found with a collar and so we don’t know if we’ll be able to trace an owner.

“She’s a lovely cat though and I’m sure that someone will come forward and give her a loving home.”