A CHINESE takeaway was forced to close for two days after a food inspection deemed there was a potential risk to health.

Bolton Council’s environmental health officers took the action against Star City in Thicketford Road, Tonge Moor, during a visit on February 19.

They found the business to have poor cleanliness standards including the walls, floors, equipment and food surfaces.

Officers feared there would be a risk of cross contamination of raw and ready to eat foods. They found dirty cloths being used for cleaning surfaces and vegetables were not being kept in proper storage.

A hygiene emergency notice was issued against Eu Weng Ang, the owner, forcing the business to close immediately.

But the business took action to improve its hygiene standards, and when environmental health officers from Bolton Council returned on Friday, February 21, they found no concern for people’s health and allowed the takeaway to open its doors again.

Bolton magistrates ruled last week that the decision to close the business had been justified because of the health risk.

Eu Weng Ang said: “We have done the cleaning and everything is good now. We are going to keep to the high standards. We are a busy shop, and we are improving things.”