BRAVE little Rhys Williams got his number one bucket list wish when his mum and dad tied the knot.

The eight-year-old was on the front row to see his father Mark Williams and mother Tanya Moores exchange vows at Mere Hall Register Office, Bolton, yesterday (FRI).

Rhys, who suffers from epidermolysis bullosa (EB) — an agonising condition which causes painful skin blistering and open sores — told his parents he wanted them all to have the same surname five weeks ago.

Proud Mrs Williams said: “After 10 years of living together, it felt like we were married anyway.

“We had no hesitation in doing what he wanted, we would have done it anyway.

“But to see his face during the wedding was amazing. In fact the whole thing has been amazing.

“It’s been a very moving day, and we are delighted now it’s done.

“It was quite a surprise when he came out with his wish. He just told us he wanted us all to have the same last name.”

New husband, Mr Williams, revealed the couple had been planning to get married for a while, but had kept putting the event off.

He said: “We’d like to think it was something we were always going to do.”

Up to 50 guests including friends and family packed into the room at Mere Hall as the couple, of Whalley Avenue, Johnson Fold, got married.

And delighted dressed-up-to-nines Rhys, a pupil at Johnson Fold Primary School, said: “I have been looking forward to my mum and dad getting married for a long time.

“My mum seemed really happy when I told her I wanted her and dad to get married.”

Although the youngster cannot play outdoors and even having a cuddle can be excruciating for him, Rhys has helped with the wedding plans.

At first the couple planned to have the wedding in secret, but as soon as word got round, the new Mr and Mrs Williams were inundated with offers to help make it a dream wedding.

Mrs Williams, aged 30, said: “Rhys got so excited he told his friends at school. And it just went from there.”