A CAMPAIGNER who launched a one man project to improve his home town has stepped down.

The ‘Catch Accrington’ campaign is now in danger of becoming defunct unless someone steps into the shoes of founder Mark Brown.

Mark’s Facebook campaign went on to gain the support of hundreds of people in the town, and even retail guru Mary Portas.

He went on to work closely with Hyndburn Council as well as representing local people who contacted him on Facebook.

However he said the job has become too big for a working family man.

He said: “It pains me greatly but I've taken the very difficult decision for my involvement in Catch to cease.

“The main reason is not having the time and continued commitment needed. I'm not the kind of person who does anything by halves and always strive to give 150 per cent and certainly detest having to concede anything.

“However, I have a very demanding job and a very busy family life with elderly dependants. In addition I have a refereeing career which is very important to me.

“To put it simply, I cannot continue to lend what I would consider to be a relevant amount of time and commitment to drive the campaign forward to make a real difference to our town. It deserves a group of dedicated individuals who can lend their full time and attention to pulling everyone together”.

Deputy Hyndburn leader Clare Pritchard said: “It’s a sad day to see Mark going. We had a close working relationship with him and he did a great job. I would hope that some people are keen to take up his many ideas and we can continue to carry them forward.”

Mark is urging people who are interested in forming a residents group to get in touch with him via the Facebook page. Anyone interested should visit www.facebook.com/catch.accrington.