A MOTHER has spoken about the devastating injuries her teenage son suffered after he was pinned to a wall and his legs shattered by a car being driven dangerously.

Nizamuddin Patel, aged 36, of Saltwood Grove, Bolton, lost control of a Vauxhall Vectra and slammed into Spencer Aspinall in Bolton Road, Atherton.

The 16-year-old’s toe was cut off and his legs were so badly broken in the crash that when his mother Joanne Aspinall got to the scene, a policeman asked her to look for bits of bone in the road.

Now she wants to warn motorists about the impact the crash has had on her family and Spencer, now aged 18, who has had to undergo 11 operations since the crash on November 22, 2012.

She said: “When I see people speeding now it makes me so angry, if they could only see the damage it can do.

“We have moved in with my mum and dad because it is a bungalow and it is easier for Spencer to get around.

“Spencer used to play rugby and he loved modelling and acting but he can’t do that anymore.

“He is at Pendleton College studying performing arts, it has been his dream since he was three to be an actor. But he is talking about dropping out of college because he feels his disability will always hold him back.”

Patel, aged 36, was found guilty of dangerous driving and was jailed for 12 months.

He was also given a four-year driving ban at Liverpool Crown Court.

The crash happened one week before a law was introduced that could have seen Patel face a charge of dangerous driving causing serious injury and up to five years in prison.

One witness, Stephen Gaskell, told the court how he had been driving behind Patel in Bolton and saw him dangerously overtaking other cars and speeding.

Mrs Aspinall, aged 43, of Stanley Street, Atherton, added: “Without the witnesses there wouldn’t have had a case.

“He showed no remorse, all he cared about was getting cigarettes to his brother’s friends shop — even when my son was screaming on the side of the road.

“He chose to get in the car and drive that way and I hope his time in prison gives him time to reflect and think about it.”