A DRUNK in the back of an ambulance pushed a paramedic out, staggered off past Tesco, fell into some shopping trollies and ended up in a bush, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how homeless Brian Fleming, 54, was banned from causing upset, alarm or distress by an anti-social behaviour order, but had been swearing and was aggressive.

He was abusive to police who helped him to his feet and who found a half-full bottle of sherry stuffed up his coat sleeve.

Fleming, who has a long criminal record, struck just 11 days after being given the ASBO.

The defendant, described by his solicitor as a ‘chronic alcoholic’ admitted breaching the order on February 7, was detained in the court building until 1pm and spent the two hours fast asleep in the corner of the courtroom.

Philippa White, prosecuting, said at 7.40pm, police went to Burnley Tesco after reports of a man in the back of an ambulance, being abusive to paramedics who were trying to help him.

Concerned shoppers outside the store entrance had called the ambulance after Fleming had collapsed.

Fleming pushed a paramedic out of the vehicle doorway, staggered off towards Tesco and was seen going past the main doors, where a young child was among those who saw him.

A police officer tried to detain him, the defendant attempted to move away from the ramp and fell into shopping trollies and then a bush. He was arrested and taken to the police station. Mrs White added the two-year ASBO had been imposed on January 27.

Fleming had a lengthy record and in recent years had many convictions for drunk and disorderly.

Mark Williams, for Fleming, said: “In terms of seriousness, his behaviour has never gone beyond the low-level, non-imprisonable, nuisance type of offending.”

The defendant had managed to stay sober for a year, but relapsed last October.