A HORRIFIC road smash which left two people impaled on steel rods was the dramatic sceanario facing firefighters in a challenging training exercise.

White watch at Bolton Central fire stration teamed up with Bolton Mountain Rescue Team for the exercise, in which they were faced with a car crash involving a small hatchback carrying three people, two of whom were “speared” on steel poles and trapped inside.

The driver was impaled on a rod through the windscreen which passed clean through the torso and into the seat, while the front seat passenger was hit by a road rod coming through the passenger door.

The third passenger had neck and spinal pain.

The exercise was made more difficult because of the size and the positions of the rods.

Decisions included unbolting the driver’s seat and lifting it up and through the back of the car with a “hand over hand” system to bring the casualty to safety.

Volunteers who work for the fire service acted as casualties.

Watch manager Craig Lunt said he wanted to stage a joint training exercise as the fire service sometimes works with Bolton Mountain Rescue Team.

Recently the two services carried out a rope rescue exercise in Ramsbottom after a walker slipped down an embankment in woodland.

Mr Lunt said: “It’s important that all agencies work together for a successful conclusion at every incident.

“I will continue to work with the mountain rescue teams and will shortly be arranging a rope rescue scenario involving the mountain rescue so we are aware of each other’s capabilities and equipment.”