A FUNDRAISING campaign to build Accrington’s first major Islamic school has just days left to hit its total.

Accrington-based IQRA Learning hope to open a £10million school and sports facility in the Exchange Street area of the town.

Text messages were sent out at the weekend, urging supporters to donate, as the organisation had just seven days to raise the remaining £390,000.

Mufti Miah, who is one of the founders of the project and a trustee of the charity, said it had to raise the money within a six month time limit, but he was confident the appeal would be successful.

He said: “Basically it was a six month contract, that was the time agreed, but we do have last minute backers and benefactors, who we’re approaching.

“We’re very close to the total, we have benefactors who will cover any shortfall. We’re absolutely confident we will reach the total.”

The free school, which is not due to open for several years, will not just be open to Muslim children.

Mr Miah, who lives close to Accrington, said: “There’s a long time left, years left for this project, it’s a massive project.

“It will have an Islamic ethos, but it will open to everybody.

“It will be a school that has its doors open to anyone, regardless of religion, race or creed.”

He said the idea has come about because of a demand from parents.

He said: “We’ve been running an after school, teaching Arabic and Islamic studies, and there’s been demand for children to study in an Islamic ethos school, something to fit the demands of the community, and take the community forward.

“The school will good children good role models and help them to develop, it will be a positive force in the community.”

A website for donations to the project has been set up at: safatrust.com.