A CLITHEROE author is preparing to publish his second book on the back of his successful debut novel last year.

Steve Suttie brought out ‘The Clitheroe Prime Minister’ last year and has enjoyed five-star reviews, peaking at number 16 in the Amazon political books chart.

The 34-year-old works at the RSPCA shop in the town full time and is now writing an, as yet, unnamed book in his spare time.

Dad-of-four Steve’s new book focuses on character who kills convicted paedophiles in Greater Manchester who have been released from prison.

He said that he was inspired to write the book after seeing paedophile cases in the news and wanted to explore the notion of how the public would react to the killer and if they would help them.

He said: “It’s bound to be a bit controversial but I thought it was important to explore these themes.

“I grew up in Manchester and that’s one of the reasons why I chose that location but it would easily be set anywhere in the country.

“It’s all about how far the public might go in backing someone who is doing what many might consider to be fair justice.

“I hope to get the book published in June or July and my aim is to get it onto the TV screen sometime in the future if the book is well received.

“I have been working on it part time since September last year but I can only work on it for a few hours here and there to fit around work and my family.

“I enjoyed writing the Clitheroe Prime Minister and it’s something that I have always wanted to do.

“I rushed that through a little bit because at the time it seemed possible that the coalition could collapse but I’m taking a bit more time over this one.”