CLITHEROE mosque, town centre buildings and cars have been attacked over the last two weeks by a gang of youths.

The six to seven-strong group are wanted by police in the town after four night-time attacks including one which caused damage to a car roof.

Two weeks ago it was reported that a gang was throwing eggs from the Clitheroe Castle Grounds into Woone Lane, which caused damage to the vehicle’s roof.

Three further reports have been given to the police after separate attacks on the soon-to-be-opened Clitheroe Mosque in Lowergate on Tuesday and other town centre buildings in Moor Lane.

The police have said that they believe that each incident was carried out by the same group of youths, thought to be between 14 and 15-years-old.

The service has obtained CCTV footage of the gang, said to be a mixture of boys and girls, but have not identified them yet.

A pensioner said that the gang has been targeting her for weeks.

The 86-year-old said: “The kids stand at the stop of the castle grounds which over look Moor Lane and throw the eggs at passing cars.

“Most of the time they miss and they hit my house and neighbouring businesses.

“It’s terrible and I daren’t go out and confront them.

“The eggs come down at such a speed that one broke my front window recently which was such a shock.”

Inspector Hassan Khan from Clitheroe police, said: “We have diverted resources into the town centre and will be stepping up patrols over the next few days.

“We are appealing to the public for anyone who has any information to come forward and help us with our inquires.”

Clitheroe Town Council leader, coun Mary Robinson, said: “These kids are old enough to know better and there is no place for this bad behaviour in Clitheroe.

“The town council fully supports the police’s actions.

“This gang seems to be short of direction and short on leadership and that needs to be found from somewhere, either from schools or parents.

“I’m thoroughly disgusted with their actions and it needs to stop now.

“It is extremely bad behaviour and there is no excuse for it.”