AN event for a beloved grandmother who is fundraising for pioneering cancer treatment raised £3,105 towards her £56,000 target.

Patricia Morris, 55, was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer in her right eye in 2010.

Ocular melanoma only affects between 400 and 500 people each year and after being told that the melanoma had spread to her liver in April last year, Patricia, from Blackburn, was told there was little that chemotherapy on the NHS would do to prolong her life.

Eager to beat the illness and be there for her three children and two grandsons for as long as possible, Patricia agreed to a ground-breaking treatment called Delcath at the University Hospital Southampton’s oncology unit and responded well.

But as Delcath is an experimental procedure, there is no guarantee that funding will be available for long enough to give Patricia and her family the peace of mind they desperately crave.

Patricia and her daughter, Kate Hargreaves, have teamed up to raise the £56,000 needed for a pioneering treatment called Adoptive Lymphocyte Transfer, a treatment that, despite being still in its infancy, is reported to have made tumours disappear completely in some patients.

Patricia said she was overwhelmed by the generous donations given by everyone who attended her fundraiser at Mill Hill Working Men’s Club and all those who helped organise it.

The teaching assistant at St James Primary School Lower Darwen said: “It was a brilliant night and was so well supported. People are just so kind.”

Their first event featured a performance from a Lady Gaga tribute act, a raffle, disco and tarot card readings.

Patricia attended the event fresh from another Delcath treatment that she’d had in Southampton three weeks before.

She said: “I don’t know how well its worked yet as we have to wait six weeks for things to settle before the scans, but I’m returning to work next week as I feel well enough and I just get bored at home.”

Kate said: “So many people have been supportive and lovely and there’s so many people to thank but if there's one person I'd like to personally thank it would be my mum. She has taken this on with the courage of a lion and a will not give up.

“She is my inspiration to keep going and be positive when I have 'scared' days and I just look up on her as my hero. I really do.”

To donate to Patricia’s Rare Eye Cancer Appeal, visit .