A LIFEGUARD from Burnley is giving the public a snapshot of her life.

Jade Robinson, 21, has taken a picture every day for the past year and posted the images on daily photo journal blipfoto.

Pictures include images of the Burnley skyline, her cat Pixie, a view of the clouds from a plane window and her friends and family.

She said: “Blipping a picture a day opened my eyes to more things and stop me taking everyday things for granted.

“My view of the environment has definitely changed.

“Working day to day, seeing the same things day in day out, you are pushed to challenge yourself and the environment to look beyond what you normally see.

“Blip has also challenged me to come up with ideas before the next day and challenge myself to try bring that idea to life.”

“Even though my pictures are pretty average, looking back through my photos and remembering how I felt and what happened during that day makes it a beautiful thing to have.

“My favourite blips are of when I have managed to capture the happiness of one of my family members as I will always have those pictures to keep.

“To someone thinking about taking on a 365 project I would say, do it."

Joe Tree, founder and CEO of the blogging site, said: "Blipfoto is a unique community where people from all walks of life save and share their lives through pictures and words - one day at a time.

“Blippers include photography enthusiasts, students, young mums, retirees, sea captains, chefs, foodies, birders, journal keepers, singers, authors, media correspondents, charity workers, politicians and creatives.

“The website design is clean, simple and free of advertising.”

To view her pictures visit www.blipfoto.com/Lemony1Lemon