BOLTON’S top firefighter has issued a warning after a blaze — started by a candle — destroyed a bedroom at a house.

Flames were coming out of an upstairs window as fire crews arrived at the house in Glendale Drive, Ladybridge at 12.30am.

The family living at the property, including two adults and three grown-up children, as well as some family friends, had fled from the burning house unharmed.

Crews from Bolton Central fire station spent about 40 minutes putting out the fire.

The bedroom was destroyed but firefighters prevented flames spreading to the rest of the house.

It is thought that the blaze was started by a candle falling over.

Ian Bailey, Bolton borough manager, urged people to “keep their wits about them” if using candles.

He said: “All candles should be put out before people go to bed — this should be part of a bedroom routine.

“Candles should also be placed on a metallic base, so if they fall over, as is suspected in this case, there is less possibility of it igniting.

“We would also advise people to keep candles away from curtains and windows — we have also had reports of people placing candles on their baths, that is a definite no.” Mr Bailey said he was not telling people to never use candles.

He added: “I know many people light candles as part of their cultural beliefs and we are not saying never do it, but if you are lighting them — just keep your wits about you.”