COLLEGE tutors were able to give Burnley students an insight into how they can branch out in their studies once they reach the sixth form.

Year 10 girls from Hameldon College were able to gain a fresh outlook on health and social development, applied science and childcare courses after visiting Burnley College.

A Hameldon spokesman said: “One of the activities was to solve a jigsaw puzzle in a team where one person was blindfolded, two wore ear defenders and one was the guide.

“They learnt that people need to change their support for people in different situations and that clear communication is essential.”

Later in applied science the youngsters were able to turn creative and produce a t-shirt each which illustrated where the digestive system is located.

The spokesman added: “This was immensely enjoyable and the girls were excited about showing off their t-shirts back at school.”

Childcare activities involved using QR code location on iPads as part of creating maths activities for young children.