A MUM who has been caring for her seriously injured son in Jamaica has flown back to England to try to secure her family’s future.

Jacqueline Holness’ eldest son Romaine McLean, aged 23, died on November 14 after his Mitsubishi car was involved in a crash with a lorry in Lilliput, Jamaica.

Her youngest son, Eshayne Clarke, aged 17, suffered severe head injuries in the accident but is now recovering with relatives in Jamaica.

Miss Holness — who has been a British citizen for nine years — returned to Bolton two weeks ago to complete a visa application for Eshayne.

However, the 38-year-old has been told her application — which costs up to £1,000 — is unlikely to be successful because she is unemployed.

The mum-of-three said: “I have come back to Bolton to complete this visa application for my son to secure his future and a better life.

“But solicitors have told me that because I have no savings and no job, they cannot help and the application is likely to be unsuccessful.

“It is a very difficult and depressing time for me at the moment.”

Doctors initially told Miss Holness that her son — known as Lando — would need round-the-clock support but he has made a surprising recovery.

“I was told Lando might not ever recover properly but he has surprised doctors in Jamaica,” added Miss Holness.

“He is still going to regular clinics but scans show that the bleed on the brain has stopped. It’s just a case of waiting to see what the long-term damage is. I just thank God he is okay.”

Miss Holness moved to London in 2001 and planned for her children to join her.

She moved to Bolton three years later but her visa applications for her three children to come to the UK have been rejected by the Home Office based on her low income.

She buried her eldest son in Jamaica in December.