AN eight-year-old Bury boy who is allergic to cats has become the first patient to be referred to a new allergy clinic at North Manchester General Hospital.

Callum Robb has been registered at the hospital’s paediatric clinic, for children with allergic disorders, after he was found to suffer from swollen eyes and had difficulty breathing, since September.

At first medical staff put the symptoms down to asthma and Callum was given an inhaler. However, after undergoing tests at the clinic, it was discovered Callum was allergic to cats.

The clinic, which was the idea of consultant paed-iatrician Dr Mudiyur Gopi, runs twice a month.

The youngster said: “The test was just a little prick and I didn’t really feel it. If other children need to have the test I would say to them ‘Don’t be scared’, because it doesn’t hurt and the doctor explains everything to you.”

His mum, Leanne Hill, said: “Callum’s first symptoms started at his grandma’s house when his eyes became so swollen that he couldn’t open them.

“After being referred to the allergy clinic, the tests were carried out quickly and painlessly on Callum.

“We had the results after 30 minutes and Dr Gopi was able to confirm that Callum was allergic to cats.

“The service at the clinic was excellent and ideal for children. I would recom-mend it to other children and parents.”

Every child registered at the clinic will be given a comprehensive care package starting from diagnosis, including tests and treatment.

Dr Gopi said: “Setting up a paediatric allergy service is a big step in the right direction by our hospital trust.

“I am confident of the positive benefits this service will offer to a large number of children and their families in our locality. This has to be a milestone in the trust’s achievements.”

The clinic has been provided at no additional cost and North Manchester General Hospital plans to expand it to include an extra dietician and allergy nurse.