FIREFIGHTERS at Bolton Central have gone down to Reading to help give aid to victims of flooding.

The crew, including watch manager Ian Ainsworth and firefighters Gary Johnson, Patrick Charles, Darren Collier, Mick Rothwell and Jason Riding, left Bolton at 3am Saturday morning with two fire engines which have specialised equipment to help pump away the water.

The men, who are currently on annual leave, have been re-called to duty as part of a national resilience to help families in the south of England who have been battered by torrential weather.

Berkshire has also received some royal help this week – Princes William and Harry joined forces to help victims protect their properties using sandbags in Datchet.

Watch manager Ian Read said of his colleagues: “I’m really proud of the lads for what they’re doing but it’s what we would all do if we were re-called to duty. We would do anything to help – it’s our job.

“They have gone down to Reading for four days as part of a national resilience to give aid to those affected by flooding. When situations like this arise the country pulls together to help out.

“The crew left at 3am on Saturday morning and set off with two vehicles which have specialised equipment including a high volume pump which can pump 6.5 thousand litres of water a minute.

“What has happened in the south is horrendous and we all need to work together to help the families affected. In comparison we have been very lucky in the North West.”