FIRE chiefs are warning chip lovers to take extra care as part of a purge to reduce the number of pan blazes which blight the borough.

National Chip Week begins on Monday but as part of its ‘Fire Kills’ campaign, officers at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) are reminding the public of the serious injuries that can be caused by chip pan fires.

Dan Brown, crew manager at Whitefield Fire Station, said: “Last year, more than half of all accidental fires in the home started in the kitchen, with chip pan fires having a very high rate of casualties.

“This week we are trying to highlight the dangers of leaving a chip pan unattended as every year we respond to hundreds of incidents.

“The smallest distraction when using a hot chip pan could lead to a fire in a matter of moments.

“Oven chips are a safer and healthier way to enjoy your favourite, but if you do choose to deep fat fry, please don’t leave the pan unattended.

“If your pan does catch light, don’t throw water over it – get out, stay out and call 999.”

For more information, go to manchesterfire, or call 0800 555 815 to arrange a free home fire safety check.

Fire crews will then be able to give the family advice on how to avoid fires and will be able to provide free smoke alarms to help give peace of mind.