A charity volunteer from Bury who kicked a man with learning difficulties in the face - leaving the imprint of his shoe on his cheek - has been jailed for four years.

The victim was also punched by drunken Kieron Findlay, aged 24, in a vicious early hours assault in Briercliffe Road, Burnley.

The victim suffered fractures to his nose and jaw and was so badly beaten that when a police officer, who had known him for years, arrived on the scene, he did not recognise him, Burnley Crown Court heard.

The attacked man had to have surgery and, one month after the assault, still had numbness in his face and was on painkillers.

Findlay, of Cateaton Street, who claimed he did not know his victim had learning difficulties, admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent on October 26 last year.

Mark Savill, prosecuting, said Findlay was seen kicking the victim’s head before Findlay’s sister and her companion managed to restrain him.

Mr Saville added: “Findlay seemed to be under the impression the complainant owed him £40.

“He said he had not seen him for about a year and took the opportunity to ask him about the money and when he might be getting it back. It’s fair to say Findlay really didn’t excuse his actions in an interview with police and conceded he had had far too much to drink.

“It was a short, extremely unpleasant, vicious assault with fists and feet, for no good reason.”

Laura Heywood, defending, said the red mist had descended.

The assault had not been pre-planned, and Findlay had just bumped into his victim in the street.

She said Findlay volunteered for the British Heart Foundation and was “full of regret”.

Judge Andrew Woolman told him: “It was drink that caused this problem and the best thing you can do to make yourself feel better about what you have done is not to drink so much again when you come out of prison.”