A GROUP of men attacked a taxi driver, vandalised his vehicle, subjected him to racist abuse, and robbed him of £40.

The three offenders had flagged down the silver Vauxhall Vectra outside the bus station in Bacup Road, Rawtenstall, and asked the driver, 34, to take them to Bacup.

A fare was agreed and the men gave a phone as a deposit, telling the driver they would pay the rest on arrival.

On the way, the men became aggressive and demanded the phone back, which he refused.

One of them pulled on the handbrake, stopping the taxi.

One passenger snatched £40 cash from the driver’s hand and all three offenders got out of the taxi.

The driver also got out, and a rear passenger began to pull the taxi light off the top of the car, while another of the men struck the driver in the face with a belt and demanded the phone back.

The driver then gave the men the phone, but was struck again with the belt buckle. One of the offenders then smashed a rear window.

All three offenders then made off along Union Street.

It happened at around 4am on Tuesday, February 4. Anyone with information should call police on 101.