A TRADER has hit out at increased enforcement by traffic wardens outside his shop.

David Hartley, who owns Hartley’s Electrical Store, in Scotland Road, Nelson, said he feared being hit with tickets because he couldn’t always move his van on the hour.

County council bosses have said they are increasing enforcement activity in the road because of ‘long term abuse’ of the one-hour parking bays.

Mr Hartley said: “I have to unload and load heavy appliances pretty much every day, so I park outside my store at 9am, and always want to move the vehicle before 10am.

“But if a customer turns up at 9.55am then what I am I supposed to do? If I turn the customer away and ask them to leave then they will never come back, but if I continue with them then I might now get a ticket.

“I’m a one-man band here and I can’t win. I’ve had five warning notices now and every day on the hour the enforcement officers are on the street.

“All I’m asking for is a little bit of tolerance and understanding. If they can see I’m with a customer then why not come in and ask me to move it when I’m finished, that wouldn’t be a problem.

“But at the moment that isn’t happening and it’s just another barrier we have to face to survive in these conditions.”

Paul Riley, Lancashire County Council parking services manager, said: "We have recently increased enforcement on a number of bays along Scotland Road to tackle long term abuse of the parking facilities.

“Mr Hartley received a number of warning notices advising him that he should not be parked for longer than permitted.

“These parking bays were introduced to make sure that customers could access the local shops by preventing all-day parking by people working in the area. Anyone who parks for longer than they are entitled to will be liable to receive a penalty charge notice.”