A 46-year-old Accrington man took exception when a council tax bailiff clamped a car outside his house.

Blackburn magistrates heard Sean Young argued the car wasn’t his but didn’t produce paperwork to prove it.

And the dispute eventually ended with him removing the clamp and then assaulting the bailiff when she said he would be prosecuted for criminal damage.

Young, of Slaidburn Drive, Accrington, was convicted after trial of assaulting Kerrie Cave and damaging a wheel clamp belonging to Jacobs Certified Bailiffs.

He was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £200 compensation to Miss Cave, £200 compensation for the wheel clamp, £60 victim surcharge and £720 costs. Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said Miss Cave went to Young’s home because of unpaid council tax.

She clamped the car outside his home and posted paperwork through the letterbox. Young appeared at the window and shouted abuse at her.

“She drove off but thought he would interfere with the clamp and returned shortly after,” said Miss Allan.

“The clamp had been removed and Young came to the door and showed her the V5 document which showed it wasn’t his car.

“If he had produced the document earlier the car would not have been clamped.”

Young admitted removing the clamp and refused to give it back. He said he was keeping it as evidence for when he sued her.

“When the bailiff told him he would be prosecuted for damaging the clamp he pushed her several times down the steps until she was through the front gate,” said Miss Allan.