FIREFIGHTERS have issued a warning after an unattended grill pan caught alight, sparking a kitchen fire.

Officers were called to the blaze in a ground floor flat in Kestrel Drive, Bury, at 11.35pm on Friday (February 7).

The fire was out when firefighters arrived but one man, believed to be in his forties, was treated by paramedics at the scene after suffering from smoke inhalation.

The man, who declined further hospital treatment, had fallen asleep after putting food under the grill and neighbours helped him to get out of the flat. 

Whitefield Watch Manager Mike Barrett said: "People need to think seriously about cooking at night time, particularly if they have drunk alcohol.

"We would recommend they consider getting a takeaway rather than potentially putting their life at risk."

Watch Manager Gary Manock, from Bury Fire Station, added: "We just want to remind people about the dangers of becoming distracted when cooking - luckily the man's neighbours realised he was in danger and helped out."

Councillor David Acton, Chairman of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, said: "It's really important not to leave cooking unattended as it only takes a few seconds for a serious fire to start.

"I would urge people to stand by any pans of cooking food at all times and ask people not to cook after a drink or if taking medication that could make you drowsy."