A TAXI office has been given permission to open in Nelson despite concerns from nearby nursery schools that children’s lives could be put in danger.

A 140-signature petition was collected by McMillan Nursery School and Offsprings Nursery opposing the plans for the Railway Street unit.

But councillors gave the taxi office, with parking for six cars, the green light to open for a year, with the permission to be reviewed in 12 months.

There is also a Surestart Centre and mosque nearby, and people opposing the plans claimed that the extra traffic and use of the site would be dangerous.

Saj Ulldin, a governor at the McMillan Nursery School, said: “This is about the safety of children and the people who are using the mosque.

“On behalf of current and future generations of children, please do not put their lives in danger by approving this application.”

Louise Jarvis, manager at Offsprings Nursery, said: “During the winter months the lighting around this area is not the best.

“My worry is that if a child was to run to their car or a parent is putting a child into a car, he or she would become more in danger by more vehicles potentially being in the area.

“My ultimate fear is that, with the possible volume of vehicles being increased, a child will get hurt.”

A spokesman for the application said that amended plans would see bollards put in place.

Councillors voted by seven to six to allow the taxi office temporary planning permission, with the office allowed to open from 6am to midnight.

They said that as the site already had planning permission for use as a storage facility, it would be safer to be used for smaller taxis.