PROBLEM parking in two streets has been solved, it has been claimed.

Several residents from Rugby Avenue and Cheltenham Avenue, Accrington, complained both sides of the streets were being continually parked on, creating a hazard and damaging paving stones.

The installation of bollards in the streets is expected to restrict access to vehicles but still allow safe use of the footpath, Hyndburn Council said.

Council deputy leader Clare Pritchard, said: “These residents had tried unsuccessfully to have these bollards placed here, and quite frankly had given up hope.

“But when my fellow ward representative Coun Paul Cox spoke with them, and informed me of the issues, I acted to have something done and keep the pathways as clear as possible.”

Coun Cox added: “This again just shows how, when we are told of a problem, we attempt to solve it and, in doing so, help improve a great part of the ward.

“Several residents have since thanked us for taking on board the problem and for working to resolve it."