RESPONSIBLE approaches to social networking and coding projects are just some of the initiatives offered at a new youth group in Clitheroe.

Techie Heaven meets every Friday and was set up to provide teenagers with extra IT and internet help and support.

Among the projects being offered by the group, which was established by the Rev Andrew Whitehead, curate at St Mary Madeleine’s church, also include investigating the true cost of the pornography industry.

The members of the group, who meet at the St Mary’s Centre in York Street from 7pm, get a say in what they discuss each week and are assisted by a seven-strong team of adults.

The new youth group was given 10 computers by Micros Systems to get started and they are hoping to increase membership over the coming weeks. Rev Whitehead said: “We wanted to provide a place where teenagers could go on a Friday evening and have fun.

“It’s a place where they can learn about IT and how to be safe online in a welcoming environment.

“We know schools already do a lot of work with children alerting them to issues such as pornography and the dangers with social networks but there is still a lot still to be done.”