IN keeping with modern trends, The Bolton News is also developing its e-edition available online and many electronic blogs and websites.

As old age is a very important area and arouses lots of comments and opinions, along with huge amount of misunderstanding and ignorance in average minds, the paper decided to set up a special Silver Surfers’ section nearly four years ago.

The site, although featuring age-related topics and primarily geared to older people, is an important learning area for the rest of the society — virtually everyone today has either a relative or a close friend or neighbour in later years of life, hence a level of knowledge in the subject is relevant to all.

Run principally by the well-known local specialist in the subject and a practising clinician for decades, Professor Arup Banerjee is at its helm — managing and frequently contributing to it.

From time to time, he has been able to get other experts to write as well — readers are always encouraged to send comments — good or bad online and also to comment in the letters’ pages.

There is no fixed interval for publishing something new. On average, two blogs are put up in each month.

The subjects discussed vary — depending largely on what’s happening in society and in the fields of health and social care.

Towards the beginning of 2013, the topics covered were medication in old age, public transportation and older people, fitness and independence in old age, and society’s general attitude to old age and older people.

For example, the dangers of over-medication and intake of drugs, unsupervised without regular review by a professional, were emphasised.

The importance of qualified chemists was mentioned and the prolonged use of certain habit-forming drugs such as sleeping pills and tranquillisers, was strongly depreciated.

Despite repeated scandals in the health and in social care services, the overall attitude to older people still remains largely negative.

This results in uncaring service, undignified behaviour with older people and a sense of apathy towards them.

What can one do to change this attitude? Many other topics get mentioned and discussed which must educate, inform and raise awareness about old age and ageing.

We request our readers with access to internet to look at this site from time to time and make some constructive comments if felt necessary.

Visit the Silver Surfers section on our website for the latest blogs.