A NELSON drug dealer is back behind bars, this time for a total four years, after a police chase as he tried to get rid of heroin and ‘bubble’, in his car.

Mohammed Rahim, 33, had sped off when spotted by officers who recognised him, as he didn't want to be found with the stash in his vehicle.

Police later found 12 knotted packages of heroin and 1.9 grams of MDMC on some disused land near where he had parked up.

Rahim had £200 cash on him when he was arrested and when his home was searched, officers found SIM cards, telephones, plastic wrapping, latex gloves and a ‘dealer’s list’, Burnley Crown Court had been told. Rahim, of Leeds Road, had pleaded guilty to possessing heroin and possessing MDMC with intent to supply, last July 31, part-way through a trial. He had earlier admitted dangerous driving on the same date.

Judge Beverley Lunt also banned him from driving for a year and ordered him to take an extended test.

The court had been told how the defendant sped off from officers around 1pm and squeezed past a police vehicle which had put on it's emergency lights and sirens to stop him.

He was pursued through the streets of Nelson by officers in different vehicles and sped through a built-up area, where children were playing in the street.

Two officers followed Rahim to an old mill, where he had parked up. As they pulled up, they saw the defendant return to the vehicle from some disused land which had a large fence. He then set off again and the chase continued.

Rahim’s Mini Cooper was later abandoned and he was found in another vehicle and arrested. Officers decided to go and search the disused land and found packages behind the fence. Within them were the 12 knotted packages of heroin and the bubble.

The defendant had been questioned and made no comment. He gave a prepared statement, in which he accepted he had been driving dangerously but denied possessing the drugs or any knowledge of them.

In September 2012, Rahim was jailed for 16 months for supplying cannabis worth about £1,850 on the streets from his vehicle. He admitted six counts of possessing cannabis with intent to supply in November 2011.