AN alleged sex abuse victim said to have been repeatedly raped by a man told a jury she thought about shooting him.

The woman, alleged to have been attacked by John Pye when she was a schoolgirl, claimed he had had a real gun and he had gone out with her in broad daylight with it. The complainant, who said she was frightened of Pye, alleged he gave her the firearm.

Pye’s barrister Joanna Rodikis asked her: “Why didn’t you use it on him ?”

The alleged victim replied: “I felt it was wrong.”

The woman, now in her 40s, also claimed that when she had been older and living with a partner, Pye asked her to look after some pictures of ‘kids with no clothes on’.

The alleged victim was being cross-examined on the second week of a trial at Burnley Crown Court.

In the dock are Pye, now 56, and Paul Harrold, now 54. Both are said to have sexually abused her, with Pye grooming her and getting her hooked on drugs. The defendants are alleged to have struck decades ago, after Pye met her when she was aged seven or eight and playing out in the town.

Pye, of Saxon Street, Burnley, denies three counts of rape, five charges of indecent assault and one allegation of indecency with a child, said to have taken place between June 1976 and June 1982. He also pleads not guilty to raping a woman in 1993.

Harrold, of Craven Street, Barnoldswick, den-ies one charge of rape, alleged to have taken place between June 1976 and June 1982.

Prosecutor Alison Mather has alleged to the court that the first alleged victim endured “years of abuse at the hands of John Pye and his associates”.

‘Controlling’ Pye is said to have introduced her to drink and drugs and also to have physically abused her.

Giving evidence, the first alleged victim claimed Pye got her to buy an air rifle. Miss Rodikis asked the woman about her claims that Pye would throw knives and they would ‘whizz past’ her. The barrister said: “I’m going to suggest it’s you who has the fascination with knives.”

The alleged victim replied: “I don’t think so.”

The woman claimed Pye asked her to look after some photographs, but she didn’t know what they were at the time. She just flicked through them. She went on to say: “I sensed what they were. I had more of an idea because of what he had been doing with me.”

Miss Rodikis asked: “Why did you keep hold of them?”

The alleged victim said: “I didn't keep hold of them for very long. I wasn’t comfortable.”