A pensioner is pursing council chiefs for an apology 10 months after she was injured by stepping in a pothole.

Marion O’Neill, aged 78, claimed she was “thrown” into the middle of the road after getting her foot stuck in the hole and falling to the ground.

The incident happened when she went shopping with her daughter in Bury on March 13 last year.

They were returning to their car parked in Moor Street, near Peel Way, when Mrs O’Neill took the tumble.

She did not suffer any broken bones, but hurt her back and had several cuts and grazes on her arms and legs.

Mrs O’Neill has since fought to receive an apology from the council and has involved solicitors. She is calling for the council to accept liability for her injuries.

The potholes were repaired in May.

The former carer, who lives in The Woodlands, Bury, said: “I drive my own car and I do everything myself, and I have never fallen in my life before.

“I hurt my back, I hurt my leg, there was nothing broken, but the point is that it could have been much worse.”

Mrs O’Neill says she is not concerned about comp-ensation, but just wants to receive an apology.

She said: “My heel got caught in a pothole, and it threw me into the middle of the road.

“It was dark and I had just been shopping with my daughter. We were walking back to the car, she walked on to the kerb in front of me and as I stepped off the kerb, my shoe got caught.

“I just don’t understand why the council won’t accept liability for it.

“I am not bothered about compensation, I just want them to turn round and say we are really sorry about it, and we accept liability.”

Bury Council said the pothole had been repaired, and refused to comment further.