A COLLEGE lecturer is to help others solve the problem of what to do with mobile phones in the classroom.

Blackburn College law tutor Joanne Fardella said instead of banning personal devices in the classroom – teachers should be embracing them.

And Joanne’s students have already nicknamed her teaching method as ‘the Fardella Flow’.

The 32-year-old has now been asked by a national charity to show her techniques for teaching using mobiles at a conference.

The mum-of-two teaches part time at the University Centre at Blackburn College and also runs her own solicitors, Burys, based out of her home in Blackburn.

Her innovative ways of teaching law using iPads, mobile phones and other technology has led to her being asked to talk at Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium, at an influential ‘Bring Your Device Revolution’ next week.

Joanne was asked by JISC, a registered charity which champions the use of digital technology in UK education and research.

She said: “When I was a newly-qualified teacher I wanted to try out different ideas in the classroom.

“I didn’t want to shout: ‘Put away your phone or iPads’. I wanted to make use of them as I think we should embrace technology as it enhances learning.

“Rather than have scraps of paper everywhere or students fiddling on their phones texting, they can use their devices to share links, share their work and research, photograph work from the board and generally help with their education.

“Then they can never forget to bring examples in as they can get them off their iPads or phones.

“I was always the kind of student that lost interest if someone just talked at me – I am a visual person – and so that’s the way I want to develop with my students.

“I did think everyone let their students use iPads and mobile phones in the classroom and didn’t realise I was so unusual.”

Joanne, who gained her teaching qualification at UCBC, is no stranger to public speaking as she used to be a criminal defence solicitor, involved in court, and, as one of her children is deaf, she regularly attends events to speak as a mother about her experiences.

“This is the first time I have talked on something like this and I am honoured.” she added.