AMATEUR football teams are asking for help to catch vandals who are destroying the pitch where they play.

The ground, in Fishmoor Drive, off Roman Road, Blackburn, is used by Clifton FC, Ivy FC, and several other junior and Saturday teams.

It is owned by the council, but maintained by the teams who use it, and they are regularly contending with damage caused by youths riding motorbikes across the grass.

Geoff Wales, who is involved in managing the pitch, said: “We keep getting problems with motorbikes. They normally go round the sides, which is bad enough.

“But one lad has gone on the pitch, doing wheelies and all sorts, and really cut up the pitch and made a mess of it. We’re fighting all the time against this sort of thing. These hooligans are ruining it for us. Catching them is the main problem.”

Police said they have been cracking down on the problem, but they need to catch the vandals in the act, so Geoff has asked people who see bikers on the pitch to call police immediately.

PCSO Tom Archer said: “The policing team who cover Highercroft have had issues in the past with motorcycles, mini motos and other off road motors. The police will take positive action against any-body caught riding a motorcycle in an anti-social and unsafe manner.

“However, unless police witness the motorcycles being ridden in an unsafe and anti-social manner, it is very difficult to trace the rider responsible.

“We encourage residents to report any motorcycle nuisance, with a detailed description of the motor-cycle being used, and a full description of the person riding. We also encourage the public to not approach these motorcycles and to call police on 101.

“Last summer two motor-cycles were seized by police and a number of warnings were issued within the Fishmoor Drive area.”

Coun Damian Talbot, executive member for leisure, culture and young people, said: “It is a disgrace that reckless and irresponsible motorcyclists can damage a football pitch that brings joy to so many. We will do all we can to support the teams after this irresponsible attack.”