A STUDENT who fell asleep on the train from Blackburn to Preston woke to find his wallet missing from the table in front of him where he had left it. Blackburn magistrates heard that CCTV on the train had showed Mark Anthony Scott pick the wallet up off the floor. But he said there was nobody at the table when he found the wallet, looked inside it then threw it in a bin. Scott, 31, of Whiteley Avenue, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to theft by finding the wallet belonging to Humphrey Mpofu. He was fined £130 with £130 costs. Catherine Allan said the CCTV footage showed Scott pick something up off the floor and then leave the train. He was eventually arrested after an anonymous tip-off from someone who recognised his photograph after a police appeal was published in the Lancashire Telegraph. Scott said that a friend had pointed out the wallet on the floor. Scott said: “I picked it up, looked inside and there was no money. I threw it in the bin but I know it was still dishonest.”