LIFE will be a beach in Rawtenstall this summer when the town square is transformed into a seaside resort-themed attraction.

For two weeks of the summer holidays, the site of the former Valley Centre will feature sand, deckchairs, fairground rides, face-painting, ice cream, and possibly even donkey rides.

Organisers Foster Cubbins Funfairs are paying Rawtenstall Town Team, a volunteer group of business owners and residents, for the use of the town square for the event.

June Worsley, chairman of the town team, said the money paid to the Town Team to rent the space would then be poured back into the town by the group, on projects such as getting better signage for the town centre. She said: “It won’t be costing the council, or anybody else other than Foster Cubbins Funfairs, any money, contrary to other reports.

“They approached us with the idea and we really liked it. We are still in discussions with the company in terms of deciding a figure.

“We regularly hire out the town square to organisations, and come up with a figure based on what we believe they should pay.

“Charities can use it for free for events, as can the NHS, but businesses who are going to make a profit will have to pay us a fair price, as Foster Stubbins will.

“I’m really looking forward to the event, which is called Rawtenstall-on-Sea. It’s going to be aimed at children and families.

“Some children in Rawtenstall won’t have ever been to a beach, because we aren’t exactly near to the coast, and we can bring it to them.”

The beach will be made using real sand similar to that used in children’s sandpits. The event will run from August 1 to 10.