SKATE park equipment taken from a disused facility in Belmont and brought to Darwen has been scrapped.

Youngster Michele Melia started the project to bring the skate park in Ryecroft Lane, which had been closed due to anti-social behaviour, to Darwen more than two years ago.

It was taken apart by firefighters from Darwen and brought to the town, where it was stored at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

But after being unable to find a suitable space for the equipment and then being told it was unsafe, it was scrapped for £100. The money recouped from the scrapping is to be donated to Darwen Town Council which had supported the initiative.

The idea had initially been borne out of the youngsters wanting somewhere local to skate and ride their BMX bikes, instead of having to catch a bus to Clitheroe.

The equipment included a half-pipe, ramps and a jump box.

DACA principal Brendan Loughran said: “The young people, who DACA were supporting through the Stand Out In Darwen programme, were donated the equipment.

“We offered to help the boys out and said it could be stored on-site on a temporary basis.

“It was dropped off at DACA in 2012 and stored on the yard area while the boys spent time looking for a suitable space.

“A volunteer involved in the project spoke to an expert skate park developer from Clitheroe and asked him to come to meet the boys to help move the project forward.

“But he told the group the half-pipe they had been given was not safe as it was made out of metal and would be a hazard when wet.

“The manufacturers said they didn’t make it any more and could not supply any bolts to rebuild it or make it safe.

“Due to this information, the young people decided the half-pipe was not going to be safe to use and decided to scrap it.”