AN animal-mad young photographer has seen his image snapped up for use by one of Lancashire’s top tourist attractions.

Burnley student Jordan Varley, a lifelong visitor to Blackpool Zoo, will now see one of his shots used on the resort's official postcard.

The 16-year-old took his stunning picture of the zoo’s male tiger, Zambar, during a recent fund-raiser.

But even though he’s earning his stripes as a budding photographer, Jordan’s ambitions lie elsewhere – he wants to be a zookeeper.

The Blessed Trinity RC College pupil is a regular at the zoo and hopes to sign-up for an animal studies course next year.

His proud mum, Claire, said: “We were absolutely delighted to find out that Jordan had won the photography competition.

“He loves Blackpool Zoo and has been visiting since he was born. In recent years he has spent every weekend there with his grandparents, who have a caravan just outside the resort.

“Jordan was devastated when he lost his grandfather earlier this year and he is determined to become a zookeeper in memory of him.

“The next step is to enroll in an animal studies course when he leaves school next year, and he can’t wait to get started.”

Jude Rothwell, marketing and PR co-ordinator at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Jordan is a very talented photographer and is one of our most regular visitors. He knows the names of all the animals and is very knowledgeable on all the various breeding programmes.

“Everyone here at Blackpool Zoo would like to congratulate Jordon on winning the competition and I am sure the postcard will be a big seller next year.”