A FATHER-of-three has been sent to prison for pretending to be his brother because he was disqualified from driving when he was stopped by police.

Imran Ali, 36, of Openshaw Drive, Blackburn, was stopped for a routine check by officers half a mile from his house.

Defending, Richard English said Ali had to drive to fill the car with petrol so that his ill wife could go to work the next day.

Preston Crown Court was told when the defendant was spoken to by police, he claimed he was his brother Mohammed Ali.

But after appearing at magistrates, it was discovered that the man in court was not the real defendant.

Police caught up with the the true offender after DNA testing of Imran Ali’s fingerprints, which were taken when he was pulled over.

He was jailed for 28 weeks after pleading guilty to driving while disqualified and perverting the course of justice.

Mr English said being sent to prison would have serious consequences for his client.

He said: “His wife works as a nursery nurse in Preston.

“It is his task to collect the children from school. If he could not do that, she would have to give up work and inevitably there will be a significant reduction in their income.”

Judge Christopher Cornwall also disqualified Ali from driving for two years and his licence was endorsed.