A GHOST story from the Dunkenhalgh Hotel has been featured on a BBC travel programme.

Journalist and former policitician Michael Portillo has been touring the country for Great British Railway Journeys.

And the third show in the series saw Michael visit the famous Clayton-le-Moors hotel.

After catching the train at Pleasington, Michael said: “Safely on board, I’m off to spend the night at a worringingly famous hotel across the Hoghton viaduct.

“As the night draws in, I’m going to alight at the delightfully named Church and Oswaldtwistle.”

After arriving at the historic building, Michael told the story of spooky goings on at the hotel.

He said: “The Dunkenhalgh phantom is Lucette, a French woman who took her own life here in the 18th century.

“The ghost is reputed to take its seat on the end of a guest’s bed, but I hope it won’t be tempted to read me a bedtime story.”

The next morning, Michael joked: “The pale figure of a woman came gliding down my corridor and tapped softly at my door.

“Yes, it was the hotel’s complimentary bed turn-down service.”

You can view the programme in its entirety by using the BBC’s iPlayer service. Visit www.bbc.co. uk/iplayer.