A petition has been launched to install signs on a Summerseat road described as a “focal point for bad driver behaviour.”

Summerseat Village Community group has collected more than 220 signatures for its petition, which urges the council to take action to counter traffic problems in Bass Lane.

The group had placed signs it had created themselves on the road, but when council staff spotted them, they were taken down, as only signs accepted by relevant legislation are allowed to be displayed on adopted highways.

Now group members are calling on the council to re-instate these signs — which they claim helped to calm the traffic problems — until the council provide signs of their own.

Peter Winsche, chairman of Summerseat Community Group, said: “Particularly with the advent of the M66 and the general increase in traffic it has been a rat run, and it has become a bit of a focal point for bad behaviour. The signs were up for five months and we saw a marked improve-ment in driver behaviour.

“I have spoke to many people in the community who use Bass Lane who are actually scared to use the road.”

The narrow road, which is used by commuters heading to and from the M66, has caused gridlocks and consistent problems, and recently an articulated lorry was pictured using the road to get to Summerseat Garden Centre.

Mr Winsche said that he had recently experienced the problem himself, when a van overtook a car stopped in the passing lane, which caused his car and the van to become blocked.

The signs were first installed in April last year, and were taken down in November when the council noticed them after closing the lane to carry out roadworks.

The signs urged drivers to pass down the road two cars at a time instead of more than two, as they say it improves traffic flow, driver behaviour and safety.

North Manor Cllr James Daly praised the efforts of the group in trying to tackle the longstanding problem.

He said: “I requested that council representatives attending a meeting between interested parties find a lawful and suitable place where the signs can be erected.

“This offer was declined as the council stated the signs were illegal, and that it cannot authorise the erection of such signs.”

You can see the petition here.