A JEWELLERS in Bolton town centre has reopened after being forced to shut for more than two hours after a thief grabbed three wedding rings and fled.

Ernest Jones Jewellers, just off Victoria Square, was forced to activate its alarm at about 10.45am after a man, who had been browsing the jewellery on display, grabbed the rings and ran off.

It is understood that no weapon was used and no staff were injured in the raid, which is now being investigated by police.

The shop was forced to close when police arrived, and officers are now inside interviewing staff.

Two police vans and two cars are outside the shop.

Both the shutters to the side entrance inside Crompton Place Shopping Centre and the front street-facing door were lowered just after 11am.

The shop has now reopened.

Police have released a basic description of the man they believe is responsible for the theft, but no-one has been arrested.

They believe he is white, in his 30s and about six feet tall.

A Big Issue seller who was near the shop at the time of the incident said: “A mate told me that someone grabbed a load of stuff, bit of a snatch and grab job, and then ran out of the jewellers just before 11am.


“Don’t know if the police have caught him yet but hopefully they do quickly because it’s not right obviously.”

Today's raid is the second time Ernest Jones has fallen victim to such an attack in the last three months.

In November last year a thief snatched a diamond ring from the shop and fled.