DARWEN Town Council is to spend £3,000 on bringing a bungee jump to the town centre to raise money for charity.

Councillors agreed to hold the event after a discussion at their monthly meeting on Tuesday.

The inspiration came from a charity bungee event hosted by The Anchor pub last year.

Sunnyhurst councillor Peter Hollings said those wishing to take the leap of faith would pay a fee and be encouraged to raise money for charity.

He said: “I have been mulling over an idea for a bungee day where we could hire a bungee and put it in the centre of town.

“People doing the jumps would have to raise money for charity.

“Obviously, I would like it to be just local charities and groups that benefit, but if we can spread it further it could bring people from out of town into the area.

“It will cost about £3,000 to do but we will easily make our money back on it.”

Coun Dave Smith said he fully supported of the idea.

He said: “They had one at The Anchor and there were loads of people who went to watch and stood in the street.

“But there, apart from the pub, there isn’t a lot, whereas if you bring it into the town centre the shops and market will benefit.

“I think it is a good idea and would bring people into the town.”

Coun Hollings said that although no date could yet be set for the event, he would prefer if it was during the summer.

He said: “I would like to do it later in the year, around June, as it could get a bit windy up there, in more ways than one!”