USED needles were among the litter found dumped in a street where children play.

They were discovered by a resident, who spent three hours clearing up rubbish which was strewn around in Douglas Place and Gretna Walk in Blackburn.

He collected six bin liners in total.

Roe Lee councillor Phil Riley said numerous clean-up operations had taken place in the area, but some residents still had no regard for where they lived. He said: “It is just desperately disappointing that there are residents who really just have no consideration for everything that everyone is trying to do to improve the area.

“My view is that we are talking about a handful of people who are just repeatedly anti-social. We need to work out who they are and I would like to see them in court.

“There is a limit to how much we keep on doing.”

A skip was provided for residents before Christ-mas, but since it was taken away, litter has again be left in the street.

The resident who organised the clean-up, and who has asked not to be named, said: “Over the Christmas holidays this has gradually got worse.

“The recent bad weather and amount of packaging, boxes and wrapping paper has not helped, and it has caused me to take action on my own and clear up.

“Clearing some rubbish, I came across a sharp box with used needles inside.

“I was very shocked and upset to find this so close to where children play. Some action needs to be taken urgently.”

Stuart Hammond, Blackburn with Darwen Council’s environmental sustainability manager, said he would organise for the bags of litter to be collected.