A MOTORBIKE-loving photographer who has been battling cancer since 2012 has raised nearly £2,000 for charity through sales of her work.

Susan Rigby has distributed the £1,950 she raised in 2013 between the Bolton Mountain Rescue team, the North West Air Ambulance Service and Help for Heroes.

Susan explained that her photography started as a hobby, adding: “Then people were happy to buy it, so now for every sale I donate a portion of the money to charity.”

Many of her photographs focus on motorbikes, something she has always had a passion for. She said: “I have always loved bikes and photography so it is great that I can combine the two.”

The mother-of-one set up her photographic business, SK-Art, in 2009 and her love of capturing motorbikes in motion has taken her to events such as the Isle of Man TT races and the Supermoto championships.

Her photographic work is on show every Sunday at Rivington Barn where bikers often congregate.

Susan, aged 47, from Hindley, said: “It is like a big family up there, bikers have been meeting at the barn for a long time, and they seem to enjoy looking at my photographs.”

The past few years have been tough for the 47-year-old who was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012.

She has had the tumour removed but must remain under regular observation — however her illness has not dampened her enthusiasm for photography.

She said: “I was very lucky, I nearly lost my life but thankfully they removed the tumour, still there could be tricky times ahead but ever since getting the news I have continued to work and to raise money for charity.”

Susan and her family recently travelled to Kimberley Barracks in Preston to present a cheque for £1,150 to soldiers from the 4th Battalion, the Duke of Lancaster’s regiment who were collecting it on behalf of Help for Heroes.

She said: “That was a really proud moment for me and my family because we have family members in the forces.”

With a new year ahead, Susan has a number of exciting plans in the pipeline, she said: “I will be back over to watch the Isle of Man TT races in 2014 and have been asked to exhibit a selection of my work there.

“Eventually I would like to get into motorbike sprinting myself, that’s another goal for me.”

To view Susan’s work or find more information about her photography, visit sk-art.co.uk