FIREFIGHTERS at Bolton Central station took to the picket line this morning for the latest round of industrial action.

Crews walked out from 6.30am until 8.30am as part of a long-running row with the government over pensions.

The row centres on increased pension contributions and firefighters being asked to work until they are 60 in order to be given their pension.

Crew manager Steve Green said: "Personally I have no problem working until i'm 60 but I'll have to do a fitness test at 55 designed for a 20 year old and if I fail it, I will be sacked without the pension that I have worked for.

"The government have said if these changes come in then jobs will be protected for 10 years, but after that ten years there will be over 7,000 firefighters over the age of 55 and they will just get rid of them.

"How many 60 year olds can climb up ladders to help people?"